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How to use a sit-stand desk for healthy work?
 Mar 06, 2023|View:116

Calculate the appropriate height for each work posture. Although the name of the sit-stand desk has the word "sit-stand," it can be adjusted to a comfortable working posture and sitting posture over a wide range.Alternate sitting and standing and exercise moderately. Because of the harmful effects of prolonged standing and sitting, it is necessary to alternate sitting and standing and exercise when standing. At first, I used an Apple Watch timer to remind myself to switch working postures, but I often turned off the timer and continued working, so later I wrote a script that forced the screen to rest for 5 minutes every 25 minutes (only during free office hours, closed during meetings and other times). If you don't want to rest for 5 minutes, you need to accurately input a paragraph (usually a technology news capture) before the screen unlocks.

Sit-stand desks are not only the ideal choice for company office desks, but also provide a perfect solution for those who work from home or want to create a healthy and practical home office space. As flexible work systems become an important part of the future, we hope that the placement of furniture can make our work as easy as possible and be beneficial to our health."